Help with Lists

My Lists

my lists page
Sample My Lists page showing owned and viewed lists
All list options require you to Sign-in.
  • Click My Lists in the top right corner to go to your existing list.
  • The page will include all lists you own and any lists you viewed while signed in (Others' Lists).
  • Click on a column header to sort the list by that column.
  • Information on this page:
    • Owner:
      • Solid bullet, you own the list;
      • Hollow bullet, you viewed someone else's list. Open and copy the list to make edits.
    • List Name: Click the list name to open the list edit screen.
    • Last Viewed: The last time you viewed the list. Current means this is the list you viewed most recently. If the list you are viewing is owned by someone else, you won't be able to edit it. Open and copy the list to make edits.
    • Shared: Indicates whether the list can be accessed publicly via link.
      • For lists you own, click the lock/unlock icon to change the shared status.
      • For lists you don't own, you won't be able to change the shared status. You won't be able to see lists are no longer shared.
    • Link to the List: For shared lists, click the "Get Link" text to copy the list URL. Recipients do not need to sign in to view the list.

Create a New List

  • From My Lists: Click "Create a New List" at the bottom of the list of existing lists.
  • From an existing list: Click "Copy" to create a new list based on the current list. Click "New" to create a new blank list.
  • You will be taken to a page for the new list. The default list name is based on your username/email.

List Options

list features
View of options on a list
Never include personal or identifying information in a list's Name or Description fields.
  • Click "Rename" to give the list a new name.
  • Click "Describe" to add general information about the list.
  • Click "Share" to make the list publicly shareable. Click "Unshare" to remove public access to the list.
  • Click "Delete" to delete the list.
  • Click "Copy" to create a copy of the list that can be edited separately.
  • Click "New" to create a new list.

Adding Service Providers to a List

  • Sign-in to the Portal.
  • Check which list you are editing (shown above the Get Help link). To select a different list, go to My Lists.
  • Go to Services Directory. Search or browse categories.
  • When you find a Service Provider that you would like to add, click the "Add" star next to the category for which you would like to add it to your list.
Dropdown menu of available lists
See which list you are editing or go to another list.
stars to add service provider to a list by category
Select one or more categories to add Service Provider to the list

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