WITCO (Western Idaho Training Co) - Ontario

Address: 813 SW 3rd St
Ontario, OR 97914
Phone: 541-889-4617
Fax: 541-889-4581
Eligibility: Economically disadvantaged, documented physical or mentally disability, must be age 16 or older .
Services Provided: Vocational Evaluation: identifies vocational interests and aptitudes as they relate to specific jobs.

Job Seeking Skills: teaches strategies on how to find a job and how to retain a job once an individual is hired.

Job Placement, Follow-along, Job Coaching: Assists an individual to find a job. Provides individualized assistance on or off specific job sites.

Work Services: extended vocational training for adults who are developmentally disabled.

Developmental Services: provides physical, occupational, speech, and developmental therapy to adults and children who are developmentally disabled.

Residential Services: Available to those individuals who are developmentally disabled and who need residential or respite services.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services: Services available to children and adults with mental illness or a severe emotional disturbance to assist in managing symptoms, develop problem solving, anger management and coping skills to maximize fulfillment and success in all major life areas.
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 3/15/2019