Project PATCH

Address: 2404 E Mill Blvd
Suite A
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 360-690-8495
Eligibility: Children age 12 to 17 with behavior issues
Services Provided: Project PATCH is passionately committed to restoring troubled youth and building stronger families.

Project PATCH Youth Ranch, is a licensed residential youth treatment facility. We are licensed to accommodate up to forty residents between twelve and seventeen years old. Our thirty-nine dedicated staff members include five professional counselors and two teachers. PATCHs mission is centered on helping at-risk youth find a better way to live their lives with hope for the future.
The six elements of the Project PATCH Program are

Therapy Licensed counselors facilitate group, individual and family counseling. Peers hold each other accountable for behaviors and challenge each other to make better choices.
Wilderness This supervised camping with periods of silence, exercise and survival skills provides an excellent way to break through to residents not responding to campus life.
Spiritual focus PATCH has a Christian staff and a chaplain who coordinates worship times, bible classes and other spiritual activities.
Education Two teachers facilitate highly individualized preparation for higher learning through independent study. They work to bring youth whove fallen behind up to an age appropriate grade level.
Recreation Indoor & outdoor recreation includes gym and field sports, auto body shop, wood shop, rafting, camping, music, crafts and games.
Community Service Volunteerism teaches young people to focus on the needs of others and exposes them to the joy of giving. Some activities are invalid visits, Christmas boxes, and clean-up projects.
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 3/15/2019