Sane Solutions - Boise

Organization Name: Terry Reilly
Address: 408 N Allumbaugh St
Boise, ID 83705
Phone: 208-345-1170
Eligibility: Any person who has been a victim of sexual abuse or has been affected by the sexual abuse of a family member or loved one. Any person who has been sexually inappropriate with another person.
Services Provided: Community based treatment program dedicated to assessing and healing the trauma experienced by victims of physical and sexual abuse and their families, while providing offender treatment to prevent further offenses. Priority is also given to the pro active education of the public to more effectively prevent the occurrence of child sexual abuse in our communities.
Victim Services:
Personal Safety Classes
Individual Counseling
Family Therapy
Group Therapy for young children, pre-adolescents, teenagers, and adults molested as children, and parent of sexually abused victims.
Marriage Counseling
Assessments on Sexually Reactive Children and Children who Molest
Treatment for Sexually Reactive Children
Treatment for Children who Molest
Protective Parenting Program

Family Services Include:
Experienced treatment specialists believe that (non offending) parents and siblings play an important part in the recovery of the victim. In order to assist families in recovery from sexual abuse, group and individual therapy is offered to:

*(Non-offending) Parent
*Siblings of victims
*Spouses of Offenders

Offender Treatment
Primary treatment goals for the offender are:
* to repair the trauma caused to the victims
* to develop victim empathy
* to become accountable for their crimes.

Offender treatment services include:

*Comprehensive Psychosexual Evaluation
*Physiological Assessments: e.g.: Polygraph - and restricted contact with minor children as a condition of treatment.
*Intensive Group Therapy
*Sexual Arousal Control behavior modification regimens
*Completing a "clarification" for the victim and family
*Aftercare Treatment which includes: Relapse Prevention, or learning to identify and address high risk factors that precipitate abusive behavior, Human sexuality, Communication skills, Social skills, Anger management, Problem solving, and Self esteem.
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 11/28/2018