Lincoln County Extension Service

Organization Name: University of Idaho Extension
Address: 201 S Beverly
Shoshone, ID 83352-0608
Phone: 208-886-2406
Fax: 208-886-2407
Eligibility: Resident of Lincoln County.
Services Provided: The University of Idaho's Cooperative Extension System serves the agricultural & rural communities of Idaho with the delivery of services, programs, and research which is key to the state's development. 4-H and Youth Programs we can find any project youth may want to do.

Some of the programs and services offered are:

4-H ages 8-18
Weed Control Programs
Garden/Landscape Management Programs
Family Resource Management
Crops/Horticulture Programs
Programs with emphasis on starting or operating a small business
Money Management/Household Budgeting
Life Skills
Food Preservation
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 10/30/2018