St. Luke's Canyon View Behavioral Health Services

Address: 228 Shoup Avenue W
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: 208-734-6760
TDD: 208-734-6760
Eligibility: Our wide variety of services allows us to carefully match the needs of each person who comes to us for help with the most appropriate, cost-effective level of care.
Services Provided: St. Luke's Canyon View Behavioral Health Services provides treatment for adults. St. Luke's Canyon View offers intensive inpatient programs that address acute psychiatric issues in addition to medical detoxification from alcohol and drugs. We utilize individual, family, and group counseling to address personal, family, emotional, psychiatric, behavioral, and addiction-related problems.

***Support Services and Counseling
In addition to structured programs, St. Luke's Canyon View also offers individual counseling sessions, therapy and educational groups, and a variety of community services.

***Consultations, Crisis Assessments, and Referrals
Initial problem consultations, assessments, and referrals are provided free of charge as a community service. Please call for a confidential appointment.

***Psychiatry Services
Evaluations, medication management, and other outpatient services are available with a psychiatrist.

***Individual and Family Counseling
Limited appointments are available for individual, family, or couples outpatient counseling.

***Support Groups
Go to "Events and Community Calendar" on our website to find our most current offerings.

***Alcohol/Drug Services
The inpatient program is appropriate for people with alcohol/drug problems requiring comprehensive 24-hour care, including those in more advanced stages of alcohol/drug dependency, as well as persons with physical complications requiring medical attention or detoxification, or in cases where a high probability of relapse exists.
The program consists of five components:
Aftercare planning
The evaluation phase involves gathering information which is used to develop a personalized treatment plan. A physical examination is provided to determine if there are any medical problems requiring attention and to initiate medical care as needed. The patient is safely withdrawn from alcohol/drugs under the care of a staff physician. During the stabilization/therapy phase, the patient participates in a structured therapeutic program which includes:
Individual Therapy (as indicated)
Group Therapy
Introduction to 12-Step Recovery Groups
Nutritional Assessment and Counseling
Educational Sessions Regarding the Disease Concept
Relapse Prevention
Occupational Therapy
Discharge Preparation Group
Family meetings may be held to resolve problems, improve communication, heal past issues, and plan ahead.
Prior to completion of the program, a discharge/aftercare plan is developed. The plan contains recommendations for continued care on an outpatient basis.
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 10/30/2018