Regional Medicaid Services-Lewiston, DHW2

Organization Name: Health & Welfare, Division of Medicaid
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1118 'F' St
Lewiston, ID 83501
Phone: 208-799-4430
Eligibility: Severity of need and availability of other resources
Services Provided:

The RMS determines eligibility and authorizes services for certain Medicaid Services, including Personal Care Services (PCS), HCBS Waiver for the Aged and Disabled (a variety of services are available including attendant care, homemaker, chore, adult day care, home delivered meals, personal emergency response system, specialized equipment/supplies); Katie Beckett or Home Care for Certain Disabled Children; Nursing Facility Care; ICF/MR Care; Residential and Assisted Living Services and Certified Family Homes; Case Management; Private Duty Nursing. These services are available to Medicaid recipients who are determined to need these services. The RMS enrolls providers of these services, provides consultation, and conducts quality assurance and improvement surveys. The Healthy Connections program is also part of the RMS.

**Personal Care Services (PCS): If the medical condition requires 16 hours or less per week, the service is a regular Medicaid benefit under Personal Care Services. If the medical condition requires more than 16 hours, then the individual may be eligible for one of the Home and Community Based Waivers. Under the waiver program, the cost of care at home cannot exceed the cost for a nursing home or intermediate care facility. The Regional Medicaid Unit must authorize all services in advance.

**Home Care for Certain Disabled Children, also known as the "Katie Beckett" program, is a Medicaid program for children under 18 years of age who are not eligible for Medicaid through any other Medicaid programs. Children must have income of less than $1,520 (1999 limit) and assets of $2,000 or less. Parents' income and assets are not counted towards these limits.

** Adult Developmental Disability (DD) services for persons with a qualifying developmental disability18 years of age and older and persons on the ISSH waiver (15-18) . Services that are authorized by RMS for Developmental Disabilities Agency services DD/ISSH waiver services and service coordination.

Regional Medicaid Services is administered by the Division of Medicaid Services.

*My Voice My Choice is the name of Idaho's self-directed option for Medicaid services.

Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 12/17/2020