Avalon Hills

Address: 7852 West 600 North
Mendon, UT 84375-9706
Phone: 435-753-3686
Eligibility: Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, Private Pay Residential Treatment Center, Outpatient, Partial Day Treatment, Partial Hospitalization
Services Provided: Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Treatment Centers assists adolescent females and adult women overcome eating disorders. They join with our clients to develop new ways of managing underlying thoughts and emotions that lead to ineffective behaviors related to food and their bodies. Avalon Hills treats all types of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and eating disorders, not otherwise specified.
Avalon Hills also treats ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, trichotillomania, OCD, and forms of self harm. However, patients have to be admitted for an Eating Disorder to be treated for comorbidities.
Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 9/16/2014