Tip Sheet: 3 Digit Phone Numbers

Address: Boise, ID
Toll Free Phone: 800-373-3411
Eligibility: Contact for specific information.
Services Provided: Online Resource: DO NOT MAIL:
3 digit numbers, sometimes referred to as "N11" numbers, are phone numbers designated by the FCC for various community service organizations. Here is a list of 3 digit numbers and their function in Idaho.

2-1-1 Idaho CareLine Referral service for non-emergency community health and human resources in Idaho.

3-1-1 Reserved for non-emergency law enforcement use.
Note: This number is not currently activated in Idaho.

4-1-1 Telephone directory assistance.
Note: Charges may apply for the call.

5-1-1 Travel Information and Road Conditions.

6-1-1 Electric Lightwave Service Center
For telephone repair or pay phone repair

7-1-1 Idaho Telecommunications Relay Service 1-800-368-6185
For the hearing impaired

8-1-1 Dig-Line Protection Utility Service of Idaho.
For location of underground utilities prior to digging.

9-1-1 Emergency assistance.

Some 3 digit numbers may not work on some phone service providers' network. Please contact your phone service provider if you have problems reaching any of the above 3 digit numbers.

3 digit number functions may vary depending upon what state you dial from.
You can contact the 2-1-1 Idaho Careline for information hotline numbers for your state. By phone: 1-800-926-2588
Online: www.idahocareline.org Keyword: "800 Other State Hotlines"

Original Source: Idaho Careline 211
Last Updated: 6/1/2013