Managing and Coordinating Care

What you will find in the pages of this section

Children and youth with special health care needs often see many different health care providers. This section is designed to help parents become an active part of their child's Medical Home team. Effective communication, accurate record-keeping, and preparing for medical emergencies are some of the topics covered here. Use the Feedback button at the top of the page to let us know what other topics would be useful.
Care Notebook
This page, one of the most visited pages on this web site, offers sample care notebooks and links to more samples to help parents and young adults track their medical and other information including medications, appointments, insurance bills, nutrition, surgeries, respiratory treatments, and much more. Versions are available in Word, PDF, and Spanish.
Communication Guide
Communicating effectively with your Medical Home will help you learn more about your child's condition and be more involved in the decisions about your child's care. This page gives hints and tips for ways to talk to providers, avoid conflicts, and get what your child needs.
Sharing Information About Your Child
As a health care consumer and a parent, you have the right to control where your health information goes and the responsibility to make sure information is available to those who need it.
Keeping Information About Your Child
In addition to your Care Notebook, there are a number of online systems and networks that can help you and your child's health care providers to achieve the best possible healthcare outcome.
Planning for Emergencies
Emergencies can happen at home, in schools, during vacations, or anywhere else. This page offers hints and tips to help you be more prepared to face these emergencies.
Working with Outside Caregivers
Your child may need in-home services from personal assistants, nurses, therapists, or other providers. This page offers information about your rights and responsibilities.


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