Diagnoses for which SSI Eligibility is Presumptive

The following are diagnoses that carry presumpitvely eligibility for Social Security Income benefits for children:
  • Amputation of 2 limbs
  • Amputation of a leg at the hip
  • Total blindness
  • Total deafness
  • Bed confinement or immobility because of a longstanding condition
  • Stroke or cerebral vascular accident that occurred more than 3 months ago, with the child having continued marked difficulty in walking or using a hand or arm
  • Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or muscular atrophy, and marked difficulty in walking, speaking, or coordinating the hands or arms
  • Diabetes with amputation of a foot
  • Down syndrome
  • For a child 7 years and older, severe mental deficiency
  • Symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus infection
  • Birth weight less than 1200 g and younger than 6 months
  • Birth weight between 1200g and 2000g combined with specific gestational ages
  • Terminal cancer in hospice care
  • Inability to ambulate without a walker or equivalent device 2 weeks after a spinal cord injury
More detailed information about eligibility for SSI for children can be found at Social Security Listing of Impairments (child).


Information & Support

For Professionals

Social Security Listing of Impairments (child)
On Social Security Online, provides the medical criteria for the evaluation of impairments of children under age 18.

For Parents and Patients

SSI Benefits for Children with Disabilities
This booklet is for the parents, caregivers or representatives of children under age 18 who have disabilities that might make them eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.

SSI Beneficios Para Niños con Incapacidades
Este folleto es para los padres, cuidadores o representantes de niños con incapacidades menores de 18 años, que podrían tener derecho a recibir pagos de Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario (SSI, sus siglas en inglés).

SSI for Children
Information about Supplemental Security Income eligibility determination for children.

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